Product Technical Manager

Date: May 5, 2021

Location: KA, IN

Company: ArisGlobal

    Role: Product Technical Manager
    Job Location: Bangalore



      •10+ years of relevant experience.



  • Industry awareness in areas of Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance or Clinical
  • Experience in product or project management, including preparation of requirement documents, UI design and use case scenario’s
  • Understanding of entire software life cycle
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Business analysis skills


       Responsibility :

  • Will work very closely with Strategic Projects and Partnership Initiatives (SPPI) to define strategy for the product
  • Will maintain complete requirements backlog for the product
  • Will prepare the proposed product roadmap by prioritizing the backlog based on
  • Regulatory Compliance  
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Contractual or Customer commitment
  • User Experience
  • Prioritized Requirement based on user inputs
  • House Keeping
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Will get the feedback from Product Steering Committee
  • Will Work with Product Engineering establish what is possible to be included in the roadmap based on capacity
  • Will present the roadmap to Product Steering Committee and get the approval
  • Will develop Requirement Documents completion plan
  • Will prepare the Requirement Documents (RD) based on approved product roadmap
  • Elicit requirement based on source. This may mean working with customers or any internal team
  • Development of use case scenarios
  • Analyse and Research for business need, completeness etc. and also look at harmonizing the requirements to suite usage by many customers
  • Review with Domain Experts (DEs) the requirements defined
  • Identify Non-functional requirements (e.g. SaaS requirements, Performance etc.)
  • Will ensure the requirements defined are correctly and completely developed in the application
  • Review of User stories / Functional Specifications
  • Review of Business scenarios for testing 
  • Review of alpha and beta releases
  • Define acceptance testing criteria
  • Will be responsible for defining scope for update and patch releases
  • Will be responsible to make general availability releases of products
  • Will be responsible for managing the development of the Prototype for select functionality to complement the RD.
  • Will do knowledge transfer of the requirements to Product Engineering and other teams
  • If required, will be conducting functional training sessions to PE, implementation and customer support, sales etc.
  • Will support in the following activities
  • Preparation of demo scripts and demo data
  • Maintaining of the demo environment
  • Will provide Functional input to RFI, RFP etc.